John James Minster — Author


Dreamjacker is a terrifying cross between Twilight and The Twilight Zone. A must read!! – Diane C.

Very entertaining read. Marked by attention to details presented in a very eloquent way. The precise descriptions of all surroundings and settings allow you to feel right in the plot and next to the main characters. You can feel their presence to the point that even in this book form you get a few “jump scares”.

Looking forward to future work of this author. – Sonia B.

Dreamjacker – Volume I: Two Novellas of the Supernatural

Middle-Grade horror (no profanity, sex, or triggers). In two breakthrough new stories perfect for the young and forever young at heart, the author introduces the reader to extraordinary people in our ordinary world facing supernatural powers beyond our understanding. 

“Bad Bob” Blackstone, a lifetime career criminal gets a second chance at a relationship with the daughter he long-ago abandoned, Athena, and chance at a new life—if he can deny and overcome his criminal nature. Will love for his daughter move him to reject evil? Or will unrepentant Bob’s sins come back to haunt him—in truly horrifying forms?

Twelve year-old Daniel Tompkins suddenly loses his family, wounded deep in the dangerous winter woods, his life saved by Ariel, a girl with no earthly business being there. Forced to grow up quickly, he finds himself caught dead center between powerful forces of good and evil. Will traumatic changes and strange new knowledge and feelings forever tear him apart—or will love empower him to heal himself, and the world?

artist Jody Caperila