John James Minster — Author

Fun Interviews🎙️

Join James and Xtina on the Panic Room Radio Show as they talk with horror authors Faith Pierce and John James Minster. Featuring samanthas_shelf, a new segment for your enjoyment with book reviews by the lovely Samantha Hawkins. Don’t miss the fun and shenanigans!

Horror writer John James Minster joins Andy, host of the Inebriart Podcast to talk about subgenres in horror, zombie fatigue, and his upcoming book, The Undertaker’s Daughter. Intro music is “String Anticipation” by Cory Gray.

Interview with a great literary team,

Interview with Will Christopher of Monster Complex

Fun radio interview with publisher Lawrence Knorr, including the origins behind The Undertaker’s Daughter horror novel to be released tomorrow 🎃👻🕷️🦇🕸️🐈‍💀⚰️☠️

Pretty-Hot asks great questions!
Interview with a beautiful, capable organization of dedicated horror fans